Thursday, August 4, 2011

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) Using Technology

CATs have long been recognized as important to a learner-centered instructional approach in which we can answer the questions “what are my students learning?” and “how do I know?” Technology can aid in implementing CATs. Faculty Focus recommends some strategies for adapting CATs to online learning or to the technology-enhanced classroom.

One example: Muddiest Point conveyed through a backchannel.

In this CAT, students provide information about what is the most confusing or least clear aspect of instruction, whether it is an assigned reading, a podcast or video, an assignment, etc. Creating a backchanneling site such as Wallwisher allows students to post brief notes to identify their muddiest points. Creating a Muddiest Point wiki allows students to interact with one another in an attempt to resolve muddiest points, sometimes even before the professor becomes involved.

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